Our Approach

You direct, we execute.
Together we create a valuable website that meets your needs.

You tell us what you want. We listen. Then we get to work in order to meet your needs.


Read the four steps below.

Via an interview, either verbally or via whatsapp we determine what you want.

You also can describe your needs in the contact form.

We determine how much time it takes for us to make a websit.

Nothing is charged!

Does it suits your demands, needs or wishes?

If so.. step three.

You determine the value of the site. Do we ceate more pages. A webshop? A contact form? And what do you want to pay for it?

If you determine the price, we decide if we agree with it and will built the site.

The development process will be monitored by you and the developers on a daily basis. Via whatsapp or whatever (social) media device of your choosing.


The website will be hosted by a party that is selected by us.

Two options:

1. With a maximum of 5 email adresses. 250 Euro annually (excluding Value Added Taxes)

2. Without email adresses. 150 Euro annually (excluding Value Added Taxes)

If you want to choose for a host that you already know, this is also possible.

We focus on creating an excellent website!