Let's help our Orphans grow into happy and succesfull adults

Look around in our Orphanage via this site and pay us a visit, either physically or via my facebook-page. 

You are more than welcome!

This website gives you an impression what we do in our Orphanage

Who am I?

I am Sohaib. I work as an educator for poor children in an orphanage.

My main ambition is to take care of children without parents in such a way that they are properly clothed, get regularly meals and be educated as much as possible.

I believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible is my guide book. Therefore we always say grace before dinner and before we go to sleep.

We read the bible and pray every day.. so we keep growing in the right direction!

Attending classes on a regular basis helps our children's growth and therefore success

Here is a brief photo collage of the way we are helped
and Therefore are helping the children.

Donations! Even from Giethoorn!

Very happy when new boxes with helpfull things arrive!

No no, it's not cigarettes.. It's a box of chewing gum!

The best book that guides each and everyone globally. Do not skip a day!


Pay attention.. I have something important to tell you!

Outside class rooms.. A nice feature of the Pakistanian climate..

join us, send a friend request on my facebook, I would be honoured!


If you want to support what we are doing in our orphanage you can help us with donations. 

We do not have a bank account, the orphanage is a voluntary based organisation.

So therefore you can send us whatever you want to give us.

We need: 

1. books and bibles

2. food, for example mashed potatoes, rice and mashed tomatoes, et cetera (canned food).

3. Clothes

4. Et cetera: necessities a child needs to develop.

Thank you very much.

Highly Regarded,




The Orphanage,
Sohaib Alven